Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Mad Pig Klondike versino 1.1 in development. Update 1

Working on the next release of Mad Pig Klondike Solitaire.

--- Version 1.1 - In Development

  • Post App Store link, info and player comments to Facebook. You can now tell your firends about Mad Pig Klondike.
  • Post Screenshot of results page to Facebook. You can now post your awesome scores.
  • Bottom corner buttons for Options and New Game only work when touch starts on them. Drag release over them will no longer envoke the buttons.
  • Separated touch areas for New Game and Yes dialog so a quick double tap will not start a new game.
  • Added Game mode to Results Screen. Now your screen shots will show the game type! 
Feel like I have a little better understanding of delegates. Implemented UIAlerts to ask the user before posting an image to Facebook. Also added post completion and error alerts. Locked out the Facebook button after the screen shot is posted so the user can't post duplicate images.

For screen shots, if it needs to check the login or login, Klondike will send the screen shot again after getting a valid login response from Facebook. Previously, if a login was required, it would drop the post and the user would need to click the button again. 

I still need to implement this re-sending capability when sending a standard post from the menu screen when a login check or login is required. 


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