Sunday, February 26, 2012

2.1.0 is out. What happened to 2.0?

We've released 2.1.0. of Mad Pig Klondike Solitaire on iPhone and iPad.

-Fixed critical bug in 2.0.0. Could not select card back. 

-Game Center Support Added. 

-Now tracks and displays a number of stats, including weekly high, daily high and accumlated high scores. 

-Added Awards with Card Back prizes. 

-Collect and use many fun Card Backs. 

-Post images and text to Twitter. 

-Fixed crash when touching menu button from Help Foundations page. 

-Thanks for playing! Please tell your friends about our game. 

You may notice, we had a critical bug in 2.0.0. This was interesting and scary since it only showed up in the App store. It did not show up when we tested. When we heard of the bug, we were very concerned about how to find a bug that we didn't get. How can I fix a bug I can't recreate? This was also a very bad bug. The players could not recover well from the bug. No card backs were ever awarded to them. 

After a little research on-line, I found a post mentioning the optimization settings for the store and debug were different and these could lead to bugs that only show up in the store. I matched the store optimization settings and did a build. Immediately I was able to reproduce the bug! I quickly fixed it, and sent the update to Apple. I had already added game center support, so we bumped the version up to 2.1.0.