Sunday, October 23, 2011

Mad Pig Klondike version 1.1 in development.

Working on the next release of Mad Pig Klondike Solitaire.

--- Version 1.1 - In Development

  • Post App Store link, info and player comments to Facebook. You can now tell your firends about Mad Pig Klondike.
  • Post Screenshot of results page to Facebook. You can now post your awesome scores.
  • Bottom corner buttons for Options and New Game only work when touch starts on them. Drag release over them will no longer envoke the buttons.
  • Separated touch areas for New Game and Yes dialog so a quick double tap will not start a new game.
Implemented Facebook posting and tweaked some interface items. We'll start testing now. 

The Facebook stuff was pretty challenging. At first I used ShareKit. ShareKit can share with several services. It was pretty easy to implement, but didn't post exactly how I want. The posts with a link couldn't have an image with them. It uses the old Facebook sdk. I decided to try out the newer Facebook sdk. This required me writing a bunch more code, pretty much implementing everything myself. The Facebook  sample app was helpful, but much too complicated. 

I've learned a lot about delegates, but I still feel I don't have a full handle of them. I had trouble getting the delegate methods to be called after the Facebook posts. I was eventually able to get them working. The Facebook stuff isn't perfect yet, but it's working. It seems to have some rough edges during the log in process. Sometimes requiring an extra click on the button. When I'm able to understand more about it, I'll likely want to rewrite the code. 

I wasn't able to get a UIAlertViewDelegate working in a class I made. I've got a workaround for now, but I'll need to figure out how to implement it properly at some point. I'm sure I could get it working in a new project. I'm having trouble getting it to work with the structure of the current project. 


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