Saturday, October 1, 2011

History, Part 3 - Early tests. Finding our way.

Here I'm going to include some ugly things. Early tests and concept drawings.

Here is the first card test. I scanned a real card and made a vector based version of it using Illustrator. Love the card back, but we can't use it in the game because of copyright.
Perhaps someday we'll try to get permission from Kem. By the way, Kem makes the best plastic playing cards. They last a very long time and are flexible. Buy them!

Here are some early table felt tests. They were painted in Photoshop. I quickly realized I didn't have the skill to paint something I'd be happy with so I ended up rendering the table top in 3d to get the final look for our table.

We ended up with something like this

Our final look has shading that goes over the table and the cards. Some people may not notice while playing, but wow, does it look worse when we turn it off. 

Perhaps the pig can hold the table? We are trying to find our design...

Here we were trying to find the look for the table. Perhaps having the pig hold the deck. In the end, it just takes up space, gets in the way and throws the balance off.

Now we've included the first card back design.

You can check out our final results in History, Part 2

Here are some of the awards drawings:


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